joi, 7 ianuarie 2010

Maneki Neko

Once upon a time, there was a poverty-stricken temple in Tokyo. The temple's priest was very poor, but he shared what little food he had with his pet cat, Tama.

One day, a wealthy and important man was caught in a storm while hunting and he took refuge under a big tree near the temple. While he waited for the storm to pass, the man noticed a cat beckoning him to come inside the temple gate. This was so startling that he left the shelter of the tree to have a closer look at this unusual cat. At that moment, the tree was struck by lighting. In this way, the wealthy man became friends with the poor priest, and the temple became prosperous. The priest and his cat never went hungry again.

When Tama died he was buried in the Goutokuji Temple's cat cemetery with respect and love, and the first Maneki Neko sculpture was made to honor him.

Depicting a Japanese bobtail, the Maneki Neko is made of ceramic and is believed that it can bring good fortune to the owner.

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Missouri spunea...

A wonderful story! Well, I'd like to own a Maneki Neko, but I also could train myself to become useful... :)

Missouri Kitty

mgutman spunea...

Ah, ma quello è l'avatar che avevo scelto per Windows 7 ! Ecco spiegato il mistero.

Bella storia comunque, chi non apprezza i gatti merita proprio di essere fulminato.

Olivia si Tudor spunea...

Forse quelli di Microsoft sperano che Maneki Neko gli porterà fortuna con Windows 7. :)

Huffle Mawson spunea...

That is a lovely story!

Sakura spunea...

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fac tratament cu injectii cu antibiotice pana marti-foaaaaaaaaaarte neplacut foarte foarte neplacut sa imi revin
duminica placuta
tudor e foarte frumos

vic spunea...

multumesc pentru poveste, am sa i-o spun si lui jazz acasa.