miercuri, 9 decembrie 2009

The Australian Koala

For Huffle: we've never been to Australia, but a friend of our friends did and brought them this little Koala, and they gave it to us, so... :)

marți, 8 decembrie 2009

May I have your attention, please


An award and seven awkward things about Tudor

We have an award from our australian friend Huffle Mawson (explorer cat). We are very thankful for and we have to share seven "secret" things about Tudor. Here's the list:
1. When we brought Tudor home he was 3 months old; he was very sad and nervous because he didn’t know where to pee and I wanted to comfort him and so the first time he peed on my lap.
2. He was a teenage dad, had five kittens with the beautiful Kitty, and now he’s probably a great-grandfather.
3. First thing I have to do every morning is to brush Tudor. This is a must and he doesn’t take no for an answer.
4. He’s in love with my mother’s cat, Musette, but she doesn’t like him (yet).
5. He hates Bach, but especially countertenors.
6. He always get angry and starts meowing when a human sneezes around him (but I have the great honor to be aloud to sneeze without raising any problems).
7. When we have visitors he likes to smell insistently their shoes; that makes them think that there’s something smelly about the shoes...
I would like to share this with our Polish friend, Leon...